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Hannah Tran: Born to be a Sophomore

Hannah Tran: Born to be a Sophomore, Staff Writer

"If I could be anywhere, I'd be swimming with whales!" said Hannah Tran, second year staff writer. Some words to describe Hannah would have to be: funny, beyond sweet, and a little awkward sometimes. She has a passion for student council, being the sophomore president, and volunteers at hospitals on her free time. She loves 80’s songs and movies, and she’s determined to meet James Franco just because he’s gorgeous. And according to her, she wants to save her favorite animal, whales because they’re adorable and cute.

Her worst subject in school is math, and her favorite one is journalism which is why she chose it again for her sophomore year. Honestly, she’s a great person due to her amazing personality and hilarious yet awkward remarks, and she's a great writer. When she graduates high school, her dream college is Columbia University in New York, and she has a unique goal of marrying a person from India sometime in her future…

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Hannah Tran