Are They Dumbing Down Disney?

For years Disney Channel has pleased children with family entertainment, however has Disney evolved into a cheap entertainment network, rather than creating the wholesome material from their golden years?

According to the network itself has one of the largest numbers of viewers on television, reaching about 98142 homes. However, Disney Channel has changed immensely throughout the past few years. Disney now creates shows and movies that evokes shows and movies that, although entertain, fail to be relatable to the youth and touch on more serious real-life matters.

Disney Channel used to produce shows, such as That’s So Raven, Lizzie McGuire, Even Stevens, and more. These shows made a point to show the importance of family, friendship and values, however they were never scared to also discuss more controversial topics, like racism and eating disorders. They managed to teach children that these topics are wrong, while making it appropriate for their young demographic. While in their current shows, they barely ever touch on these more risky subjects.

“I used to be really into the old Disney Channel shows, like Kim Possible, but the newer shows just aren’t as funny or realistic,” said junior Julia Myers.

While older Disney shows were primarily focused on ordinary families, more recent shows have been about superstars, wizards and professional dancers. The plot lines are becoming less and less realistic and have become harder for children to identify with the characters.

Disney may be at the top now, but how long will it last with their many unrealistic and ignorant storylines?