She Said: Warm Bodies Will Warm Your Heart!

The new zombie-meets-romantic comedy film, “Warm Bodies,” has delighted both critics and audiences, as it manages to put new life into the ever-dead zombie genre. Based on the novel of the same title, and directed by Jonathan Levine, (director of “50/50” which was nominated for two awards at The Golden Globes last year) this film was definitely put into safe hands.

“Warm Bodies” takes place after a zombie apocalypse that forces the humans to live in a small walled-off section of the city. It centers around R, a young zombie, and Julie, a human who R finds very attractive.  They meet after R finds Julie and a small group of other humans while out looking for food. The zombies immediately start to attack the humans, but R is smitten with Julie at first sight. To protect Julie from being eaten, he takes her with him back to an airport where he and many other undead reside. The story then follows their time together and their determination to show to the humans that the zombies are changing.

“Warm Bodies” also includes a thoroughly enjoyable and experienced cast. British actor Nicholas Hoult, who portrays R, is wonderful and effortlessly delivers every line. Teresa Palmer, who plays Julie, was just as strong as the leading lady.

The film also offers a truly sensational soundtrack, which plays a fun part in the movie, since R owns many vinyl records. His collection consists of classic artists from the 80’s, and mixes with newer Indie bands including Bon Iver, The National and M83.

For those who are not really into either zombie films or romantic comedies, then maybe this film is not for you, but this film is surprisingly gratifying and should be given a chance. It is well-written and with great pacing it makes for a perfect date night movie. “Warm Bodies” is a smart and constantly funny film that creates the perfect balance between zombie action and romance.