Fans Crave Movie, One Direction: This is Us

While “Directioners” have been flocking to One Direction’s new attempt to make girls crazier about them, Morgan Spurlock’s One Direction: This is Us provides nothing more than a polished, but occasionally boring documentary that will only please devoted fans.

This movie tells the story of how One Direction was originally put into a group during The X Factor, and how they have grown together as a band. It shows how popular they have become, and it gives reason to believe that they will be able to stay on top due to their massive fan base. It gives a look into their old lives, and how the fame hasn’t changed them.

“People who are One Direction fans will really enjoy watching this movie, because you get to see the daily lives of the One Direction members. You also get to know their personalities better, and how they act as a regular person and a famous person,” said sophomore Ronnie Antonic.

Although this movie tried to provide an insightful look into these boys lives, it seemed as though they only scratched the surface of possibilities, and no new information was learned, nor any real emotion created. There was an indistinguishable plot line, and all they really showed was their daily life which proves to be not much different than expectations.

Throughout the movie, audiences are provided with different concert footage. It was fun and interesting, but it felt as though they were reshowing the same song continuously and it eventually grew dull.

One highlight of the movie was a short appearance by the famous director Martin Scorsese. However, this was a also reminder that this movie was made to dazzle fan-girling teens, rather than be quality entertainment.

Despite the movie being slow at times, it was interesting enough and full of enough cute glances into the lives of the One Direction members to make fans swoon.