Why every athlete needs sports

With the recent announcement of sports being called off for Las Vegas student-athletes due to COVID-19, athletes all through the valley are heartbroken knowing they won’t be able to play a season, mainly those in the graduating class of 2021.

So much is going through these athletes minds right now and honestly it’s rather worrisome. From a recent poll conducted, 95% of respondents said they were either heart broken or they didn’t know what to do with their lives anymore all because their sport was taken away from them. Imagine a tough breakup with someone you really loved, this is how it feels for them. I feel like whoever is calling the shots right now doesnt even fully understand that sports are people’s lives. Majority of student athletes go to school just for their sports.Without sports, it’s been a common thing with student athletes losing motivation for school which results in their grades being lower than usual. 

All the hours these athletes and coaches have put in, they feel like it was all for nothing. Word around town that some student athletes/families are considering moving out of Vegas so their kids can play their sports. That honestly sucks that this is looking like a real possibility for a lot of student athletes throughout the city. How is that gonna work for bigger families? Will students even be eligible to play right away if they transfer? These are legitimate questions that are holding people back from those types of moves.

With the district canceling sports, they are literally stripping us away from our happiness. For us student athletes, our worlds revolve around sports. Without them, everyone is stuck. Either stuck in a hole with school and their grades or stuck in a hole mentally. I think it’s messed up. There was already a plan in action, they were telling us we were going back to school and then out of nowhere they canceled a majority of sports when our seasons were supposed to begin. If people in other states are playing their sports during this time with COVID regulations and guidelines why can’t we? I know all student athletes across the valley would comply and come together so we could have one last dance.