Should I Dress to Impress?


When someone walks into the classroom, what is the first thing you notice? Most answers will say their outfit. A person’s outfit can tell you so much about their personality, however, does that define who they are? At school, I decided I would test the theory by dressing differently every day to see what reactions I could pull from my peers. 

For a week, I set the goal to change my style every day to see which style got more attention or comments. Yet, after the week was over I noticed there was not much of a difference rather than when I dressed in pajamas or in jeans and a shirt. 

Starting on Monday, I wore a tight long sleeve shirt with long flared leggings. To my surprise, I got the most compliments and comments on how I dressed that day. Tuesday, however, I wore a pair of pajama pants and an oversized hoodie. I can tell you that not one person turned their heads around to look at me. At school, pajamas have become such a normal routine that no one really judges if you wear them. 

Wednesday, I wore a pantsuit. I got asked the same question repeatedly. “Why are you dressed up so nice today?” My response would be, “why not?” To me, why should what I wear, whether it be so dressed up or so dressed down, matter? The short answer is judgment. People love to create their own opinions on others and so when someone dresses up really nice it is usually assumed that they are more intelligent, responsible, or even wealthier than the average person. Yet, when someone dresses in pajamas, no one really bats an eye. It’s a weird process.

Fast forward to Thursday, I wore clothes that were considered to be alternative or gothic which included a more bold makeup look with black eyeliner and dark clothing. Wearing this, I noticed no one really cared. No one asked any questions and to my guess, they probably just don’t care what I’m dressing as. 

The overall lesson that I learned from this experiment is that no matter how you dress for school, there will always be people that question your style, but that is normal. Everyone has different opinions on what they like fashion wise. Their opinion on what you wear does not matter. What matters is if you’re comfortable expressing yourself through your clothes then you should do it. You should not care what others think because they have no effect on your life. You, on the other hand, have the effect of changing everything about yourself. Do not do it for the pleasure of others, but to be truthful to yourself. Go to school in those pajamas, or those high rise jeans or shorts. Wear what makes you feel like you.