A Week Of Healthy Habits: Improving the Mind and Soul

A Week Of Healthy Habits: Improving the Mind and Soul

As the school year comes to an end, I wanted to try one last week on something different. My goal for trying something new for the week was to start new healthy habits.

Starting Monday, I set myself a new routine in order to better myself. I downloaded an app called Structured to help organize my time schedule throughout the day. This app was so helpful throughout the week and I plan on using it for the rest of the year as it has adjustable times and you can write down any task that needs to be done. Also, I planned a new routine for the gym and studying. As soon as school got out, I went home and then did any homework before using my phone or any other activities. After homework, I would go to the gym for an hour or two and then come home and drink a protein shake and make eggs.

After the seven days, I learned so much about making better decisions with how I should spend my time. Before I started my week of healthy habits, I would waste a lot of my time on my phone and not do anything productive. My grades reflected this behavior along with my mental health. I was always depressed and making excuses for myself, however, during the week I was so proud of myself for all the work I had done. All my assignments were turned in on time and I worked hard to have better physical health.

For my physical health, I went to the gym with different routines between upper body and lower body, but I learned that food consumption is a really important part of exercise. In order to gain muscle mass, protein intake is required and I had to accept that as I was working out. My eating habits before the week, I would eat one meal a day and a lot of unhealthy junk food with artificial sugars and more. But now, I feel better eating things such as more meals, vegetables and fruits. I actually feel motivated and good about myself waking up every morning and so choosing healthy habits actually helps the mental and emotional structure.

After the week ended, I continued these habits and I truly recommend doing the same. It may be hard at first because discipline is a really important form to continue these habits, but after two days, it gets easier. Now, I’ve been following these habits for at least two weeks and I feel better as a human. I plan to continue these habits and even start new ones during the summer since I will have more time on my hands. I want to work on my Reflective Project for IB and I want to read famous novels such as The Great Gatsby and To Kill a Mockingbird.

Overall, I hope that this article inspires the readers out there to focus on themselves during this summer break. Don’t be afraid to try new things and improve your physical, emotional and social health. Explore new possibilities and learn to improve for the upcoming school year.