Education: First in Line for Cuts, Last to be Noticed

Is education really important to society today? Or do we tend to push it aside when real economic failures come about. When budget cuts are enforced, education is always first in line to take the cut, although it should be the last. “Isn’t educating young minds the future of our country? So why are we not making it our main priority?” said Spring Valley Senior student Brittany Arevalo.

There are many questions being asked but there is nobody to answer them, making many people frustrated about our current situation with education. With our current economic down fall, it has made many young students think twice before going to college or even graduating. “I’m not sure if I’m going to college because I can’t afford it,” said junior Jacob Corchado.

On the subject of college affordability, Obama urged Congress to stop interest rates on student loans from doubling in July and to extend the tuition tax credit. This could be a huge step to getting more students through the doors of a college education. The big question is post secondary education a really proven path to a successful future or are students going into major debt for an uneven outcome?

Obama also said he wanted to give schools flexibility so that educators could teach with creativity and stop teaching to the test, and also to keep the good teacher and reward them so they can be noticed. Government teacher Ms.Jill  Jaegar had this to say, “I agree we need to put more responsibility on students, keeping them in school is the first step towards improving graduation rates”

Obama challenged every state to keep students in school until they either graduate from high school or turn 18, an attempt to reduce the number of dropouts, amounting to about one in four students nationally.