The Moon and Its Reflection in Us

The purifying energy of the moon guides our decisions and thoughts. Whether you believe in something bigger than you and I or you do not, the moon physically changes our behavior. Because the human body is made up of 60 percent water, the gravitational pull between the moon and the oceans shows the moon has a gravitational pull on humans as well. Nobody knows scientifically what the moon does to our emotions, but it tends to show that people have erratic behavior on behalf of the full moon. The next full moon we have is on October 13, known as the Full Hunter’s Moon. Many sources from books, the internet, and family stories that have been passed on through generations will tell of the moon’s energy. It is the best day to clear out negative energy in and around you. It is also one of the best days to manifest goals and objects that you want in life. There is no scientific explanation of how the moon helps us manifest our thoughts into reality, but people have done it for years. This is known as The Law of Attraction. Taking the next full moons advantage of positive properties can help us manifest love, happiness and good health. Thus, thinking positive thoughts and having a clear mind on the night of a full moon will lead to wonderful abundance and joy. We can prepare for a full moon by clearing out the mind of negative thoughts and starting to think about what things you want in life and characteristics you want to have. Visualize what you want as if you already have those things. Eat plenty and healthily, work out on occasion. Get your full hours of sleep at night. These things can help prepare for a full moon but they also help for tests. Using the full moon to manifest peace and time management can help other people with procrastination and the ability to focus. Getting ready for a new moon preps the mind to memorize important information and the skill to learn new information. The consequence of using full moons to their advantage helps prepare for school and exams as well as having a good mental state.