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Meet Jazmine Abundis

Meet Jazmine Abundis, Staff Writer

Striving to be independent Jazmine, within a big family of nine siblings struggles to get her voice heard.Jazmine Abundis is in her second year at  Spring Valley High School and is currently taking her first year of journalism. Jazmine classifies her self in one word.Independent. She takes school seriously, she gets good grades, she has three honors classes.Which happens to be her best subjects Geometry H, Chemistry H, and English H.

Jazmine was born is Anaheim, California. She moved to Las Vegas 13 years ago.She comes from a family of nine siblings. one sister,one step sister, two brothers, and two step brothers. She is closest with her older sister, Bianca who she says understands/ listens to her better then anybody in her family. Her and her older sister spend their time together shopping and talking about what goes on in their lives.

Outside of school Jazmine enjoys reading. She will read anything she can get her hands on whether it is a short story, a novel, or news articles. When Jazmine is not reading she manages to make time to go to the park to get away, clear her mind, and start fresh.

When Jazmine graduates she plans on going to college that she hasn't  decided yet. As of now she wants to go to college to just get her core classes finished and then when she h as made her decision on a mjor, she will go get a degree for that. Like everybody else starting their first year of journalism, she is looking forward to expanding her way of looking at things in her everyday lifestyle and improving her writing skills.

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Jazmine Abundis