The Concerns With Traumatic Events and Procedures


It seems as though the amount of school shootings, student deaths, and traumatic events never diminishes. However, within recent events that have occurred within the past few years, many students and teachers are concerned about the procedures that go on after that event. 

The district needs to provide more clarification on what is happening within schools, due to the lack of knowledge that the students and parents get presented with. When a traumatic event is presented, many times, there is an email sent out that gives little to none information on what really happened. There is a huge sense of loss that is happening, as many students don’t even know what really occurred. When a concerned parent asks what happened and the student doesn’t know, there is a loss of communication between the parent and the child. This isn’t just for procedural events, this also goes for deaths that happen across campus. 

When anyone in the school passes, students and parents get notified with emails, and the school provides support for anyone in need. However, most students don’t even know that there is support across campus for them. Many students feel that they aren’t given enough knowledge and care from the school to understand what is going on campus. This causes a lot of loss in community and communication within the school. 

While some students may think that they are not being given the proper knowledge or care after a traumatic or procedural event, the consequences of this knowledge needs to be thought of as well. Informing students about triggering events can most certainly lead to a domino effect amongst students. Further meaning if one student had committed suicide, then it could lead to another student potentially doing the same thing. Administrative personnels have a lot on their hands to make sure that they are keeping certain information confidential and keeping students aware of certain issues on campus.

These events should be something that students take time to process and grieve properly instead of jumping back into things so quickly. Having a safe environment for students is important and necessary to all involved, like teachers, staff, and even the students themselves. The district needs to readdress their procedures and the aftermath of them, because too many students and parents are at a loss of what has happened. 

Inherently, school campuses can utilize practical resources found around the school to better provide their students with some peace when going through such things, like student deaths and procedural drills. Things like these can really trigger a student on a mental note and by giving them access to typical resources found in the school, it can help create a sense of community and better wellbeing for particular students in need of that help. For example, schools can utilize their media networks, like their school announcements and clubs can use their social media platforms to provide mental health resources for students. This can help in both reaching out and helping students and by bringing awareness to other students about the commutative responsibilities that the school and other staff are taking to ensure students are being taken care of. 

Though many schools take on different roles in addressing and meeting the needs of students after tragic events. Schools tend to have many certified professionals that could be taken advantage of by students, like school psychologists. They could also use other mental health resources that are given to students on the CCSD (Clark County School District) website. For example, SafeVoice, National Suicide Hotline, CCSD Police, and more are all things that the school can bring awareness through social media and emails. 

Rather than the matter of resources the sense of awareness is what can lack at times. When students are not aware of the fact that there are professionals at the school that can also help them, then it can create a lack of community and communication between the administrators and students/parents. In cases like these higher level administrators cannot do much to “personalize” the emails that are being sent out to students and parents, so an alternative solution could be to hold the district itself accountable for its policies and to bring awareness to how students themselves feel throughout these events. This can help provide district officials on a more personal note how students process the tragic events that have taken place and whether the procedural drills are real or not. 

Students deserve a moment to acknowledge what is happening around them whether it is a student death, shooting, procedural drill or not. Oftentimes it is hard for students to cope with traumatic events and keep a stable mindset, then end up having to come to school and pretend like nothing happened. Without having a clear and healthy mind how can students continue their education? Students cannot continue their education if they have an unstable mental health. If education is important then the necessary help should be provided so students can be clear and concise in their education without having any second thoughts on their safety.