Joe Biden will be the leader we need


In a time of crisis, people are looking to a strong leader to guide them toward prosperity, and Donald Trump’s crisis-filled presidency has left the United States without a reliable leader in sight. With the presidential election nearing, we at The Grizzly Growler formally endorse Joe Biden for President of the United States to be the leader who will push us in the right direction.

Among our considerations, we looked to what isn’t currently working in our presidential administration, leading us to determine a few pivotal issues for our decision: a response to the coronavirus pandemic, civil rights justice, climate change and foreign policy reform.



One of Biden’s pledges if he becomes president is to immediately update the United States’ coronavirus response. The U.S. has been the global leader for cases and deaths, sustaining this unwanted lead through poor response times and half-hearted efforts. When Trump contracted the virus after flippantly touring the country, he claimed it was nothing to worry about, despite the hundreds of thousands of deaths that occurred under his watch. Entire countries have had fewer daily averages than his White House. 

Biden hasn’t politicized a mass pandemic –– which affects more than just the U.S. –– by withholding a stimulus check until after he’s elected. He leads by example, properly wearing masks and caring about his staff and public. He isn’t hosting maskless rallies or refusing to get tested before attending in-person debates. He actually has a plan, which includes free testing and paid leave for those affected, instead of randomly promoting unproven drugs and drinking bleach. He isn’t weaponizing or rushing a potentially life-saving vaccine, and he certainly won’t encourage the doubt and conspiracy theories surrounding a very real and very dangerous virus by attacking the nation’s lead doctors and agencies.



Biden also believes in supporting all Americans, regardless of their orientation or race. He has worked to include progressive views on issues such as universal health care and police reform in order to make the country safe and fair for all of the people living in it. The Grizzly Growler firmly maintains the ideology that people should not be discriminated against due to their race, sexual or gender orientation, or background. We also believe that everyone should have equal access to employment and healthcare. And in this modern civil rights movement, it’s more dire than ever to have a president who will encorage equality and justice instead of discrimination and hatred.

During President Trump’s term, he removed an anti-discriminatory bill that prevented employers from refusing to give jobs to members of the LGBTQ community under grounds of “religious beliefs.” He also made it possible for healthcare providers to refuse access to LGBTQ people, and he made it impossible for transgender people to enter the military. When people were begging not to be killed for the color of their skin during the start of the Black Lives Matter movement, he aired an advertisement criticizing people for wanting criminal justice reform. 

Not only does Biden support equal rights and justice reform –– even proposing a $20 billion plan to focus on crime prevention and bills that would enable formerly incarcerated people to vote –– he refuses to mistreat those different from him. Trump has repeatedly mocked and belittled anyone who doesn’t fit his exact mold, and in a country that prides itself on its diversity –– a country whose entire culture is built around other cultures –– it’s appalling that some voters would think to let this continue. 



Furthermore, one of Biden’s priorities is improving climate change –– something of which Trump has repeatedly questioned the legitimacy –– intending to make the country more carbon-neutral. He will also rejoin the Paris climate change accord because he believes in science and listens to their recommendations. 

Biden plans to rebuild foreign policy, something Trump has famously disrupted, by reenforcing relations with allied NATO countries instead of countries such as Russia. Biden also wants to take a firm but productive stance on China, wanting to reform our relations instead of antagonizing them. 

When people on either side of the political spectrum are taking to the streets to voice their opinions, we need a president who will unite the people instead of dividing them more. Biden promises to not just be a president to the blue states, instead wanting to reach a middle ground through bipartisanship for the betterment of the entire nation. Joe Biden will be the leader we so desperately need.

Regardless of who you want to see leading the country, make sure to vote if you’re able. Even if Biden wasn’t your first choice, we believe that he’s the country’s best option to ensure a safe and respectable future. Your choice will make a difference.