Introducing With Something to Think About


As students begin to settle into their fifth or sixth-period classes after returning from nutrition break, they converse while waiting for class to begin. The chime of the speaker signals an announcement; students quickly turn their heads towards the speaker to hear the bass of a voice say, “GOOOD Morning Grizzlies.” 

Unknown to many students now, one thing missing after our return to in-person learning is the five or so minutes into the 3rd period of the day where the speakers would blare, and we would all listen attentively to former principal Mr. Larnerd’s words of wisdom.  

The short duration of the announcement consisted of sharing a quote from a notable figure, with Larnerd’s interpretation and advice following. The announcement allowed for people to have a set moment of reflection in their day. It overall expressed the culture and attitude that  students of Spring Valley are to embody.

When we began our freshmen year, these unconventional announcements were an unexpected part of our high school experience that quickly became a staple in our everyday lives. The Words of Wisdom were a legacy/tradition integral in connecting the community.  Even with the transition into distance learning, the “Words of Wisdom” transpired through email.

During a conversation with Dr. Feinstein during Summer Enrichment, he reminded us of the Grizzly Growler Mission statement, which is to inform and serve Spring Valley’s community. With students who come from all different backgrounds, our mission is to give a voice to all the varying perspectives. Dr. Feinstein also emphasized the importance of continuing the grizzly growler’s legacy by passing the torch to first-year and second-year students.  We believe that creating this column is the best way to capture Dr. Feinstein’s advice and apply it to the Spring Valley community as a whole. 

With  this column, we intend to create a tight-knit community and bring light to the fact that everyone has more in common than they might think. Just like Larnerd´s daily words offered the school´s population knowledge, experience, and assurance, we hope to bridge the gap among the people of Spring Valley. Even if it is little pieces of advice, students and faculty can exchange perspectives neither group would have once thought about receiving. 

Like the Salad Bowl Theory, since we are all made up of varying identities when interacting, we create an amalgamation of identities similar to a salad while maintaining our unique forms. 

In a time when everyone is pushing for a return back to normalcy during a shared experience with the Covid-19 pandemic, we should rather prioritize using this experience to progress as a collective.

With something to think about, stay tuned for this column–or not– the choice is yours!