Satire | Mother Takes Pharmaceutical Company to Court for Poisoning Populations with “Miracle Injections” 



Dolores Williams took Fencegreen’s Pharmacy to court last Thursday after her eight-year-old son was diagnosed with autism just four months after receiving vaccines from the company. 

The mother and son duo represented themselves in court against Fencegreen’s attorney, Sean Smith. Williams’ first argument was, “It’s no coincidence my little Ryder was diagnosed with autism after his fifth time being vaccinated.”

She went on to further argue that there are numerous studies and articles saying that vaccinations cause a number of illnesses and “shouldn’t be administered to children altogether.” 

“That is ridiculous reasoning,” Smith said. “None of these doctors actually have an explanation for these accusations. I’d like to see your medical degree.”

But Williams brought in family pediatrician Bradley Stein, who said that 73 out of every 64 doctors agreed with that claim in a recent survey. 

“It makes complete sense,” Stein said. “Who would think that any medical product could have any side effects? Completely changing the foundation of a child’s mind is just one of those things. It is what it is.” 

The pharmacist also posed the notion that many of the diseases vaccines were created to prevent aren’t even a problem anymore. 

“Polio, the plague, the dancing epidemic, coronavirus — those aren’t problems anymore,” Stein said. “So why do we still need vaccines? It’s not like anybody still gets these diseases anymore. People survived before vaccines were even invented. We got through the plague just fine.” 

The Williams are pushing for Fencegreen’s to stop administering vaccines to children and to pay for shock therapy to help Ryder’s autism. 

“I read on another medical website that shock therapy might help,” Williams said. “I saw it online, and everything I read online must be true. My friends at the anti-mask rallies all agree with me too.”