Does Online School Really Need to Happen Again?


By : Gianna Long

The latest surge of COVID cases,  and the new variants, has brought up the conversation of going back to virtual learning. Many believe this is the right thing to do and would help slow the spread, however, going back online could cause many issues such as mental health related ones or many students missing out on popular school events. 

Going back online would be done out of precaution for the teachers and students, but considering how contagious the new Omicron variant is, everyone would be bound to get it eventually. Schools have been doing everything they can in order to keep their students and staff safe, it is just challenging with how quickly this variant spreads. 

Many students do not want to go back to the dreadful online courses again, we have done it once and are hoping that is the only time. Being back to remote learning could cause numerous issues that most students are not wanting to go through again. Potentially missing prom, sporting events in the springtime, and worst of all–if it comes to it graduation. While we understand the possibilities of canceling such events are very slim to none, the thought is scary. 

As a senior, I’ve been looking forward to the new school year in order to get these events that are a fun and memorable part of high school. And with last year’s class missing out on many of these events I am hoping it will not come down to that again. Prom and graduation are two of the biggest events seniors look forward to during the end of the year, these being potentially canceled would be very devastating. Although the chances currently are looking like it will not happen it is still a thought in the back of many seniors minds. 

Regardless of students not wanting to miss the fun events they only get to experience the most, many had faced the hardest mental year last year. With being virtual for an entire year many students found it very hard to be motivated in wanting to do school, and pushing themselves to complete work. Mentally, nobody would want to go back to how they had felt all of last year, greatly attempting to force themselves to even log into the meet and do their work.

Not to mention there is the possibility of students treating online schooling as an option again, causing them to not receive the education they deserve to the fullest extent. Last year’s online schooling had put many students in a rough spot in order to graduate, having a harder time passing classes like never before. So many students had failed last year, nobody would not want to finish off yet another year with failing grades.

With the news of the latest pause Clark County School District placed onto the schools, will hopefully be the last pause of the year. The possibility of going online is worrying, and we are able to finish the year off “normally”.