Thanksgiving but Minus the Giving

Remember when we were hoping to have Easter without COVID-19? It’s nice to see that things didn’t change.

Thanksgiving, the holiday where Americans celebrate their thanks and gratitude by giving. Originally, the Wampanoag Iroquois tribe taught the new settlers how to grow crops, as they were new to this land and didn’t know it well. The tribe also taught them how to hunt and fish in the Spring after they came.

In autumn of 1621, there were many crops and corn and pumpkins and etc. They, the colonists, were gracious and thankful and they invited the Wampanoag chief and members for a feast and celebration.

Well, that’s what we were taught, anyway.

However, in light of the coronavirus, we should be doing more “thanking” and less “giving.”

While we should be grateful for the life and luxuries we have, not to mention the family and friends we make on the way, we really should be thanking the front-line workers, essential workers, and especially for the gift of in-house plumbing.

How many of us would be sick and extremely worried if the doctors and nurses decided to take a leave and stay home? Probably a lot. But they should be. It’s been almost eight months since lockdown started and there hasn’t been any relief for healthcare workers, maybe a breath of air every here and there, but other than that it’s been constant stress and worry.

Let’s not forget about the essential workers, like grocery store cashiers.

But this time, give a little less. Maybe a little less COVID? I don’t think I’m asking for a lot.

That sounds easy and should be easy, but as cases are already on the rise, it’s doubtful that it’ll start to dim down. Especially how the CDC is urging Americans to stay at home and not travel.

Yes, you might be traveling and going to have a small gathering of eight people at your dinner table, but don’t forget about everything else. A busy airport, a tight airplane, people who handle your luggage, and flight attendants, all are people you are near, too.

Does it suck that we have to skip on holidays for the sake of returning to normal life? For now, it does. But how many holidays have people had to have skipped so far, because of others who refuse to think of others? Probably a lot, and more to come.

But don’t get me started on Black Friday.