How COVID-19 Has Affected Youth Dating


Dating in the time of coronavirus has changed significantly. Parents either became more lenient or more strict because of this virus. As COVID-19 appeared and escalated quickly, many rules could have changed within students rules and restrictions. Many families may have elderly members, and rules within the household could be changed. 

As families could be taking the more safe and effective route, that could trap healthy young teens into their rooms, which could lead to many types of mental disorders. Topping that, if there is a significant other in a teen’s  life, it can make it very hard for them to date. In a way, dating in high school is like long distance. Obviously couples do not see each other nearly as often as an adult couple would. This can create tension and anxiety for young teens that we often look over. Being stuck inside four walls for a long period of time — essentially quarantine — was a massive “grounding” for children. According to the “verywellfamily” website, 83% of kids who get grounded for more than two weeks have experienced problems like anxiety and depression. As we know, COVID-19 put the world in some type of quarantine. Parts of the United States are still in quarantine. 

Many parents made household rules more strict. .The Center for Network Based Systems. States over 60% of parents increased the rules held within the house and especially with their children’s significant other. Many teenagers still are restricted from being in close contact with anyone because of the risk it could have on family members. Now that public businesses are opening up, the rules of the house may be slightly more lenient.

On the other hand, during the worst times of COVID-19, a lot of families did not care as much and let their children basically have an extended summer. The feeling of not being able to see your significant other as a teenager is very disappointing. Understandably, the pandemic could have made “home life” situations significantly worse.

There is no right or wrong decision to make as a parent, just positive and negative things that can affect your child mentally or affect the spread of the virus. Many teenagers are still in “quarantine” within their parents’ rules. Looking out for the virus may be one thing, but when does it all go back to normal? How long is everyone going to be isolated and not be able to see loved ones like friends or family? This pandemic will slowly get better each and every day, but the feeling of isolation and being alone in quarantine,  can do far more damage than the symptoms of COVID-19. Mental health in youths’ lives is such an important thing and something to be carefully considered.