CCSD cancels all out-of-state, country trips amid COVID-19 worries


All Clark County School District out-of-state and international trips have been cancelled effectively immediately, due to the spread of COVID-19, commonly known as the coronavirus. The decision will impact Spring Valley trips including Grad Night, student’s summer trips to Europe and the many other organization’s conferences and activities.

The district sent out an email to all parents and guardians of CCSD students on Thursday evening explaining the decision to cancel all trips:

“Safety is our number one priority. Due to the recent developments on the spread of coronavirus COVID-19, and out of an abundance of caution, the Clark County School District is canceling all out-of-state and international student travel effective immediately and until further notice. District leadership will work with individual schools to determine potential options for rescheduling.”

The coronavirus, which has been spreading since December of 2019, has infected more than 97,00 people and killed another 3,385, 11 of whom were in the United States.

On Thursday, the Southern Nevada Health District announced that a male in his 50s from Clark County has been hospitalized, and the school district is taking precautions by canceling all trips. With this in mind, many parents and guardians of CCSD students said they feel safe with the knowledge that there are things being done to keep students healthy.

“I would have been scared to death if my granddaughter went to California at this point,” Marie Roccia, grandmother to Spring Valley student said after the cancelation of Grad Night. “It’s really scary, the coronavirus, and I really think we need to get a handle on it before we take any trips, so I’m glad that we’ve decided to do this, and hopefully the kids can go to Disneyland another time.”

While Europe trip organizer Ms. Tara Verderosa said she is disappointed with the cancellations, she agrees with the decision.

The 10 day Europe trip which included 40 students, and was originally scheduled for June of 2020, will most likely be moved to the summer of 2021. Italy and Greece, which were supposed to be part of the trip, have announced 2,502 and 10 infections respectively.

“Student safety is, and always should be, our number one priority,” Verderosa said. “While I know we are all disappointed that our trip is being moved, we will never put students in a situation where their health or safety is compromised.”

Even though most students feel the situation is severe, there is still a predominant feeling of disappointment with the trips canceled.

“It’s really upsetting that COVID-19 caused our graduation trip to be cancelled,” senior Jayden Pene said. “A lot of us were looking forward [to] traveling with our friends, but instead we have to wash our hands even more. If anything, I’m glad that they are doing whatever means necessary to contain the spread of this virus.”

The virus, which has reached 82 countries, still has no cure, although about 55,630 people have recovered. Not all CCSD residents see the district’s actions as appropriate.

“I appreciate the [district’s] precautions,” senior Justice Thompson said. “However, even 20 minutes of research would give a pretty accurate look into how little the effect of the coronavirus is having on the mass populations in the US (2% death rate worldwide, and primarily individuals with weak immune systems).The school district [should] definitely rethink their decision of canceling a trip students have spent months paying and getting excited for. Just overall seems like a dramatic take on a scientifically proven small situation.”

Even so, precautions for a possible outbreak in the county are important. According to the flyer sent out by the district, some of the symptoms of the virus include fever, coughs, difficulty breathing and severe illness. Symptoms can start appearing from two to 14 days after being exposed to the virus.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, people can prevent catching the virus by washing hands with soap and hot water, avoiding touching the eyes, nose and mouth, and avoiding contact with others who are sick. More information on the COVID-19 can be found in the SNHD’s website,