Kicking it with the Mens Soccer Team


Captain Daniel Garcia on the field for the Men’s Varsity Soccer Team

The men’s soccer team has potential to be better than ever with their high hopes for success. This season Coach Jay Tippett’s way of leading the boys to success is by keeping them in check and being able to make sure they keep their grades above a 2.0 GPA. Tippett’s goal is to guide them to play offs. He hopes that the team will communicate effectively and by practicing autonomy during training.

The men’s soccer team has played against many schools. They have been sticking to the guidelines Coach Tippett gave them to be successful. They’ve had an amazing start, winning games against Bonanza and Moapa Valley.

“As a team we will commit to play every minute of the season, as if it were our last,’ said Tippett. “We will not ever quit or give up on the team, no matter the score or outcome.”

“Being team captain makes me feel like I have gained and earned the trust from my coach and all the hard work has paid off,” said Daniel Garcia. Garcia has been playing soccer since the day he could walk.  He idolizes Chrisiano Ronaldo, and his biggest goal is to make it to the playoffs.

Tyson Perkins, a varsity soccer player, enjoys playing soccer because it keeps him in shape and helps him maintain a healthy lifestyle.  He’s been playing with a soccer club. Perkins started as a mid-fielder, and he’s displayed an admirable natural talent and pure potential on the field, as he shows love for the game.

“Being on the field is a different experience, it puts me in war-mode because I always like to win,” said Perkins.