Grizzly Growler Staff Receives Honors at Review Journal HS Awards


Meseret Ambachew and Dyuce Woodson proudly display their awards.

Congratulations to Grizzly Growler senior staff member, Dyuce Woodson, who won First Place at the 37th Annual Review Journal High School Awards on Monday for his Sports Feature Story, “A.P. Athlete Struggles to Maintain Balance” posted on the Grizzly Growler Website.

Dyuce also won a $2,000 scholarship from the Review Journal for his work on the R.Jeneration and was awarded Most Valuable Staff Member from the Grizzly Growler Newspaper Staff.

“It was a great honor to win the scholarship. It’s great to know that hard work really pays off,” said Dyuce Woodson.

The Grizzly Growler staff also won a Second Place for the “Best Website” in Clark County; first place was SWCTA.

Second year staff member, Meseret Ambachew said, “I was literally ecstatic seeing our school winning first and second, and then seeing Dyuce win the scholarship. Now I know what to expect at awards for next year.”