Seniors Mine for a Golden Opportunity Outside of the Silver State


Junior Ellen Rydell looks at college brochures in the College and Career Center.

Not JUST referring to the state of California (as known as “The Golden State”), but why might high school seniors forgo the three in-state, four-year universities to attend college out of state?

Could it be to get a “new change of scenery” after growing up in the state all their lives? Family in different states? Could it even be that the major they want to study isn’t offered at UNR, UNLV or Nevada State College?

These questions are relativity impossible to answer unless you are a senior and looking both graduation and college in the eyes.

Senior Frank Nagy, said that he would love to stay in Las Vegas, however, neither UNLV nor UNR offers his major.

Nagy plans to attend Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU) in Prescott, AZ in the fall.

“I never want to leave Vegas,” said Nagy. “I hate change, and I want to be with my family.”

ERAU, being a private school, Nagy said that he doesn’t want the “typical” college experience.

“I don’t like it nor want it,” said Nagy. “I can’t imagine sitting in an auditorium with over 200 people listening to a lecture 0r living in a dorm with someone that I don’t know.”

“I’m just excited to start flying,” said Nagy. Later, he said that according to the videos he’s watched on the university, students fly on the first day.

However, the school can potentially cost Nagy “an arm and a leg.”

With ERAU costing about $55,000 per year, Nagy was able to obtain $11,500 in scholarships and grants. The cost of tuition is about $30,000, $10,000 for room/board and a flight cost of $15,000.

The cost for out of state tuition can also leave student to not wanting to leave Nevada.

“It depends on the what’s best for the student,” said senior counselor and college adviser Diane Epstein. “Some kids don’t have the financial aid for the out of state cost. If they go in state, then they can get the Millennium Scholarship, and they can afford it.”

Epstein said that going to college is a learning experience for the student, and students will have truly learned responsibilities.

She also said that prestige also a main factor as to why a senior may want to leave the state, like Nagy and ERAU.

Roughly 60 percent of the class of 2012 received acceptance letters to colleges out of state, according to Epstein. She also said that the most common states that students gain acceptance to are California, Arizona and Utah.

Senior Kristina Lardin falls into this category, and she plans to attend Arizona State University in the fall for communications. She said that she chose ASU over UNR and UNLV for their communications and journalism program.

“I want to experience something new after growing up in Vegas my whole life,” Lardin said. Although ASU is close to home, she believes that ASU is the best opportunity because of the level of their communications programs.

“I also applied to the University of Oregon, but I feel as though that Arizona State is better,” Lardin said.

For the class of 2013, a lot of students were accepted to universities on the east coast. Some colleges included Drexel University, Acadia University (both in Philadelphia), Boston University as well as students applying to St. Johns University in New York.

Senior Morgan Mavridis, as of right now, plans to attend Marquette University, in Wisconsin. “Due to the medical program at Marquette, it’s really good.” Mavridis said. She hopes to play basketball for the Golden Eagles, although she has not received an athletic scholarship for it. She feels as though that the amount of opportunity that awaits for her in Milwaukee is too much to pass up. If she plans to attends Marquette for the fall of 2013, she will be given $15,800 with one scholarship and the rest in grants. According to the school’s website, the tuition alone at Marquette will cost about $33,000 per year.

“The amount of money and opportunity is more than I could possibly get if I went to UNR and  UNLV,” said Mavridis. She said that gaining independence and learning life skills over what she can in just a class or course is most important.