Spring Valley Grizzlies Got Talent!

The curtains have lowered on the Spring Valley Talent Show and have raised the question if Spring Valley students have talent? The answer being proven time and time again with performances from singing, to beat boxing, and to the classics you see at a talent show such as playing instruments and dancing.

This year Patrick Gonzalez and Shelby Spainhour won with an electrifying performance of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory performed in a short seven minute script. Patrick won last year with a different performance of a script as his talent.  The winning team won a fifty-dollar gift card. Patrick and Shelby performed a script that they use for competition during Forensics speech tournaments. They worked non-stop nearly every day making revisions to better their art.

Other than the winners, there was a wide array of talents that may not have made the cut, but were amazing in their own form. Mackenzie Leavitt performed a spectacular beat boxing performance. Mackenzie works day in and day out trying to make his beat boxing abilities more refined. Mackenzie hopes to go to BYU and be a beat boxer in their A Capella team. Many performances made their marks to the judges but just didn’t get high enough scores to win the top three positions.

Orchestra has sponsored the talent show in the last few years. Having a large amount of the arts funding taken away, they see this show as one of their last forms of income for the program. Contestants and orchestra members were asked to sell tickets to family and friends so the show could have a full auditorium.

Overall the performances were amazing. Spring Valley Orchestra looks to continuing the Talent Show in order to allow students the ability to perform on stage and show that they do indeed have talent.