Forensics students start the “flow” of November


At the 2012 La Costa Canyon High School Speech and Debate Invitational this past weekend our award-winning speech and debate team represented our school with Grizzly pride. Our team competed against some of the best speech and debate students from 54 Californa and Nevada schools. Patrick Gonzales and Shelby Spainhour won 2nd place overall in Duo Interpretation. Patrick Gonzales also won 2nd place overall in Humorous Interpretation and 5th place in Dramatic Interpretation. And Devon Mullvain won 7th place in Impromptu Speaking.

Spring Valley Forensics has a record within the district’s debate league for its professionalism. All programs are being hit by the lowering of their funding; however, our Forensics team has gained a large amount of funding by hosting a tournament. Spring Valley Debate tournaments are known for being on time and well organized. The tournament on November 16 and November 17 was no different. More than 60 Spring Valley students worked throughout both days of the tournament, and at the same time Spring Valley students competing dominated and won fourth place in large school sweepstakes.

When hosting a tournament, the work necessary starts nearly a month before the actual tournament, especially when you have a tournament on this scale. Mr. Nicholas Sevano stated that if he didn’t cut down the attendance we would have had the same number of rooms used at a national tournament. The Spring Valley Debate tournament had more than six hundred students on campus on Friday. Twenty-three different schools attended the tournament and schools ranged from Dixie (who came down from Utah) to private school, Bishop Gorman.

Amy Keane, a forensics member, said, ” During the tournament all varsity and novice students usually feel even more stressed than during the preparation for a normal tournament.”

Varsity and even novice members spend hours of time studying for a single tournament. Jenna Smith, the president for the team at SVHS, worked non – stop making sure that all members of both Forensics, Student Council and NHS knew where they were needed in order to keep the tournament running smoothly. The tabulation room sent out over a hundred judges per round per hour in order to keep the tournament running on schedule. A vast majority of tournaments always have a shortage of judges and cause the tournament to run late; however, all the actions of these dedicated students, and these persistent calling of family and friends to participate in the tournament as judges prevented a shortage and allowed a smooth running tournament.

Mr. Sevano said, “During awards the actions taken by parents such as Ms. Mullvain, and students alike made the tournament run on time.”

Almost every single coach that approached the team registration table said that they love the efficiency of the tournament and that the small details taken were well appreciated.

Overall the Spring Valley team also had a great representation within the tournament. The team won 10 individual awards over the course of the tournament.


-Devon Mullvain won 1st in Senate Debate (Varsity Debate)

Tiffany Solari won 1st in JV congressional debate

Nathan Brantley won 2nd place in Senate debate (Varsity Debate)

Patrick Gonzales won 2nd place in Varsity Lincoln Douglas Debate

Sarah Cota won 2nd place in congressional debate

Samantha Wolk won 3rd place in JV Lincoln Douglas Debate

Jesse Padua was a quarter – finalist in novice Lincoln Douglas

William Reichel won 3rd place in novice Congressional Debate

Ashton Piezck won 4th place in novice Congressional Debate

Brianna Sandy won 6th place in novice Congressional Debate