The New Adventure That Awaits Juniors This Upcoming School Year


Juniors are the next generation of students in Spring Valley to become Seniors this coming school year. Your senior year is always the most exciting since it’s your final year of school. A bunch of students have a lot to say about the upcoming school year. 

“It’s crazy that I’m about to be a senior. I came over here my Sophomore year, you know, seeing how long I have and it’s coming up real fast.” Junior Alec Livingston said.  

Our school is filled with so many people from different cultures and backgrounds. We sometimes get Exchange Students that may come their Junior year or Senior year and continue where they left off.

“Kind of excited, because I do get to take half of the year next year, which is pretty big to me cause I’m really big on like not wasting my time next year.” Junior Sinni Kim said.

There are some rules starting for the school year where you can only have 1st period your one open period, and there will be no open period for your 7th or 8th period anymore. 

“I feel like this year has gone by so fast but I definitely have to make the most of this year coming up.” Junior Trayle Talbot said. 

Everyone has certain goals they want to achieve by the end of their senior year and something that a lot of spring valley students do after school is Sports is Electives. 

“I just wanna stay champion for Football.” Livingston said.

The football season begins at the beginning of the school year so we’ll get to see new and upcoming players joining the Junior Varsity and Varsity Football teams.

“Not really, I’m just really going to work, look more into sports, I’m doing marching band next year, I’m going to be the president of that.” Kim said

Some students here at Spring Valley work and have a job and work half-time or overtime. But students having the opportunity to have an open period in your schedule, gives the students a chance to be able to have more time in their schedule. 

“I’m going to go to a couple national tournaments and try to get my name out there for wrestling and see what colleges look at me.” Talbot said.

There’s a variety of activities students are doing and want to take on later in life when High School finishes for them. Everyone is very excited to be in their final year of high school and see what it has to offer them.

“The free advantages I get being a senior.” Livingston said 

The other grade levels look up to the seniors and how they can shape who they become and what they can do to make the school the best it can be.

“Honestly I’m most excited about the memories. I have made a lot of friends here but my friends that I actually do have, are leaving this year as well though.” Kim said. 

With high school grouping all four grade levels in the classes you have, you make bonds with your classmates that may be seniors, and they’ll be leaving that year.

“There’s a lot of senior events, Senior Sunrise seems like a pretty fun thing to do, Senior Ditch day maybe too.” Talbot said.

Many upcoming events have returned this school year and new events as well will be coming in the following school year, with High School now back to its root’s after the COVID-19 Pandemic affected schools all over the county for almost two years.

Juniors cannot wait to see what is coming next for them, their upcoming school year and what they will achieve.