The Swim And Dive Team Snorkels Into The Spring Season

On your marks, Get set. Go! Because the Swim and Dive Season has just begun. 

The season started this March for Spring Sports and the swimmers have been preparing themselves for this moment.

For the first Swim And Dive meet at Desert Breeze, over 300 people came to the meet and swam the 100 freestyle. New and beginning swimmers came to join as well to commemorate this first time meeting.

A lot of members on the Swim and Dive team will be in their final year of swimming this year since they’re in their senior year and will be graduating. But there’s members from all grade levels in the team.

There are many benefits of Swim and Dive that can help people be themselves and have a good time. Swimming can help people feel comfortable and interact with the others around them if they may not be social. It helps them come to their comfort zone.

While the Season may be ending for a lot of the seniors, they are all excited and happy to spend the most and best time they can with their team and achieve their final season. 

The next meet will be on Saturday March 25th at Pavilion Pool at 8 A.M.