Super Bowl 57

Super Bowl 57

On February 12th, at Glendale, Arizona, Super Bowl 57 took place where the Kansas City Chiefs took on the Philadelphia Eagles. In a very close game between the two teams, the Chiefs defeated the Eagles with a score of 38-35. 


Many students here at Spring Valley were either celebrating the huge victory or were left completely distraught.


Before the game had started, for the first time ever an all-female air crew did a flyover commemorating 50 years of women aviators. Additionally, approximately 67,827 people attended the Super Bowl and 200 million people watched the Super Bowl.


The Chiefs started the game off with the kick-off to the Eagles. With many great run plays and passing plays, the Eagles got to the one yard line and Quarterback Jalen Hurts snuck in for a touchdown to make the game 7-0. Then the Eagles kicked it off to the Chiefs after the touchdown and the Chiefs came out hot as well. Mimicking the Eagles’ great run plays and passing plays caused them to get into the 20 on the Chiefs end and then a great high pass by Chiefs Quarterback Patrick Mahomes to Tight End Travis Kelce to tie the game at 7-7. With great defense plays, neither team scored for the rest of quarter 1. 


In the second quarter the Eagles came out hot with passes and ended the drive with a passing touchdown to Wide Receiver AJ Brown. Then the Chiefs couldn’t respond on offense; however, on defense responded back with a fumble return for a touchdown by rookie Linebacker Nick Bolton.


The Eagles dominated the chiefs for the rest of the quarter with Hurts running it in for another touchdown and holding the chiefs to that one defensive touchdown. WIth the quarter nearing the end the Eagles kicked a field goal to help the team to extend their lead. Then the quarter ends and the Eagles look like they are running away with the game as they go into half leading 24-14. 


Then the Halftime show came and Rihanna had fans believing that the halftime show was one to see. It also had millions of fans around the world tuning in to see her performance. 


After Rihanna’s great performance it’s time for second half football and it was a defensive quarter for both teams, but Mahomes was able to bounce back for them and get another passing touchdown to Running Back Isiah Pacheco to make it 21-24. RIght before the quarter ended the Eagles kicked a field goal to make it 21-27 going into the 4th quarter. 


The 4th quarter starts and Mahomes and the Chiefs strike fast with another passing touchdown to WR Kadarius Toney to make the Chiefs take the lead for the first time all game. Then great defensive plays got the Chiefs the ball back and they struck again with another passing touchdown from Mahomes to Wide Receiver Skyy Moore. The Eagles did not quit as great play left and right got them close to the endzone and QB Hurts ran it in for another touchdown. The Eagles went for a two point conversion and got it to tie the game late. But the Chiefs had a great kick off return and as they chewed the clock down the Chiefs kicked a field goal with 8 second left to take a 38-35 lead and that was good enough for the Chiefs and Mahomes to win a second Super Bowl in 3 years.


Sophomore Nazir Ferha, a six year Chiefs fan was very happy for another Chiefs Super Bowl victory. 


“I was sad at first because I bet money on the Chiefs. During halftime it kind of hurt my feelings, but I knew they would make a comeback. I know my Chiefs and how they play,” said Ferha.


In the meanwhile, Senior Drew Sanchez, a long time Eagles fan, felt very anxious with every play, since it mattered so much on how they take on the next play.


“I felt very anxious,’’ Sanchez said. “Every play mattered a lot and both teams were scoring back and forth so it added a lot of pressure.”


Sophomore Alexa Gonzalez, who has been a Patriots fan ever since the 2020 season, has thought that this Super Bowl was very exciting and surprising with the ups and downs that had come with it. 


“During the half time period, I was sure that the Eagles were going to win since they had a good lead over the Chiefs,” Gonzalez said. “It was a thrilling game and I was not bored watching it.”


Although the Super Bowl was enjoyable, especially for those Chiefs fans, there were some controversial calls in which the Eagles fans blamed their loss on. 


“There was on both sides. It really isn’t fair to talk about the holding call on the Eagles because there were some missed calls, like the catch and fumble, but the refs didn’t call that either. There were bad calls on both sides,” Gonzalez said.


Some blame this holding call on the referees and think that this is the only reason why Chiefs won and some think that it was an honest call. On the other hand, many others think that there were foul calls on both sides of the field. 


“It was a holding call on CJ Gardener-Johnson which got the Chiefs fresh new sets of downs and helped them win the game,” Gonzalez said. “Personally I thought this was a holding call as he did hold back the receiver and had two arms on him.”


Another controversial discussion taking place is- “who should have won MVP (Most Valuable Player) of the regular season?” Of course the outcome of that was Chiefs Quarterback Patrick Mahomes winning MVP as well as Super Bowl MVP, but other opposing views may vary. 


“I think Jalen should’ve won, he was definitely the best player and the most valuable player,” said Sanchez.

Some students also would’ve liked to see a change in this year’s Super Bowl finalists. “I would’ve liked to see the Bengals and 49ers play in the Super Bowl,” said Gonzalez. “I love watching the Bengals play as they have good plays and a top three Quarterback with amazing Receivers. I would have also liked to see the 49ers play if Brock Purdy had not been injured.”


Throughout the season though both teams played equally as well and were both called on as potential Super Bowl candidates. However, one of course outdid the other, and has riled up conversations and discussions on the 2023-2024 season Super Bowl candidates.