Animals as Gifts: Is it Immoral? Helpful?


Would you like an animal in the home? A dog, a cat, maybe something even smaller? Well, news for you, there are overpopulated animal shelters that would love for you to adopt. 

After the new year, animal shelters expect new highs for overpopulation at their location because of the holiday expectations. Many people will purchase puppies, kittens and other animals to give as a gift and not realize the responsibility that comes with caring for an animal. 

In many cases, once the animal grows older they are given away to shelters or put on the streets. Shelters after the holidays reach capacity and lead to euthanization. Especially for shelters more focused on dogs, over capacity becomes so overwhelming that dogs who are in perfect condition are put down. This cruel action could be avoided by adopting animals already in shelters or not feeding into the issue at all. 

Instead of using animals as gifts, try different alternatives. Make a heartfelt card or letter; create a scrapbook or even buy small meaningful items that remind you of your person. There are so many different presents to choose from that there is an endless list to help inspire you for your gift. Moreover, if you are wanting to adopt an animal, there are so many overpopulated shelters in Las Vegas that can help you achieve a new furry friend.