The PBS Student Takeover

Recently PBS broadcasted the PBS Student Takeover which was hosted by Zaydeus Palado and Gabriel Lesic.


The whole broadcast lasted 26 minutes of tech students across Clark County showcasing their talents and skills at their school.


“It was definitely an exciting experience, although a little nerve-wracking. It’s crazy to think that your face and your words are going to be broadcasted to thousands of people.” Junior Gabriel Lesic said. 


“This was my first time on actual TV, so I really didn’t know what to expect. I was naturally nervous at first but it turned out to be a lot less stressful than I thought it would be. Bright studio lights and cameras are kind of new for me, but the kind staff definitely made me feel at ease.”


Going on live TV can be really overwhelming if it’s your first time, even if you get recorded almost every other day. But then doing it in front of people around the world can definitely make you think how many people are watching.


“It honestly felt surreal and very nerve racking because it’s in front of a huge audience compared to our school news.” Junior Zaydeus Palado said. “I felt very accomplished because before it happened, I wouldnt of thought of even thought of myself going on live tv. It was a great opportunity I couldn’t pass on, so I agreed to just do it.”


It shows in life that sometimes you may need to take the risks or opportunities you get in life, or you might regret it later in life. 


“I have to say that my favorite part of going to the PBS studio and recording was actually getting a behind the scenes look at all the control rooms and sets.” Lesic said. “It’s amazing to see all the things it takes to make the nightly news happen.”


It takes a lot of time and work working all the equipment and setting up cameras and lights when recording for live TV. 


“What I like most about has to be the staff members there, other than the fact that I was going on live TV!” Palado said. “But the staff at Vegas PBS reassured my nervousness and made it fun for us to do, they made the whole experience enjoyable.”


At the end, Gabe and Zaydeus end it off and give the spotlight back to the head hosts, “Melinda Malone and Maurico Marin.