Liver King’s False Promotion of The “ancestral lifestyle”

Day by day, more and more influencers on social media are being exposed for their lies. This time it’s Brian Johnson most people know him as Liver King, a 45 year old bodybuilder. During the month of November, Liver King’s email had been leaked showcasing receipts of steroid usage. Contradicting this influencer’s whole career is built on his natural ways of attaining such a shredded physique.


This influence has built a fanbase for his primal way of living and how in shape he is. He promotes the ancestral lifestyle, by eating raw meats and never having a shirt on. Many consumers believed that his lifestyle was true, even motivating some to start making these changes in their own lifestyles. His lies have misled many to believe that his physique could be naturally obtained by eating raw foods. Allowing Liver King to profit heavily from his gullible audience with his products. His line of natural vitamins called ancestral supplements has produced millions of dollars due to its false hopes. 


Meyers, a wrestling coach at Spring Valley High School stated, “I think there is a lot of misinformation out there. There is some good information, there is some information that’s misleading.” regarding the health and fitness information presented through the internet. 


As a result of Liver King being exposed, he has recently uploaded a video admitting to his lies. In his snarky apology, he is “humbly” seen to be sitting on a throne while being shirtless. Many of his viewers failed to accept his apology.