How Inflation Affects Buying School Supplies

It’s really tough buying School Supplies, Groceries, and Essential Items, with everything going up in prices. Especially when Covid and Inflation have hit the past 2 years. It has been atrocious with how it’s hit. 


Students are getting ready for the next school semester in the next weeks, stocking up their school supplies. Is it hard for students to afford school supplies?


“I might buy something here and there, but I don’t really struggle with buying school supplies since I take care of most of my things.”  Junior Anthony Hunt said. 


Some students in class may not have the supplies for class, like pencils, paper, or a case to keep everything held. Which can lead to being unprepared for class. Teachers can take points off or give a lower citizenship grade for these reasons.


“I buy all the school supplies I need when school begins, and every month or so, I check whether I need to restock on some new pens or pencils.” Senior Kaylia Mares said. “Just so one day, I’m not asking people around me, or having to look in my backpack for 10 minutes.”


The annual inflation rate was very high the past year, and some teachers with certain subjects may not be able to afford these supplies. It’s no surprise that even simple things like supplies can cost so much. 


Everywhere around the world, things are starting to become not worth its cost, or come with less at a higher cost than before, with the same applying for school supplies. 


Inflation may last for a long time, but for now, our school has a free table upstairs the counselors office to grab clothes, school supplies and much more, for those who are in need.