New SVHS Head Coach


New year for women’s basketball and Spring Valley High School is happy to welcome the new coach of this team Ms. Shalisha Davis. She is the new coach of the women’s team and is ready to bring titles. 


With her amazing teaching and leadership skills the school felt it was right to make her the new coach of this very successful team after the previous coach had just left for another school. 


She is even happy how she has just met these players and they have already fit to her liking of playing as a team. “I love how everyone works as a team. The team has been great to work with on how they play as a team instead of individually,” said head coach Shalisha Davis.  


With the team playing as dominant as they are playing starting off the year 4-0 coach Davis is very happy and has a great feeling that this team can go do it. “I believe this team can make it to the state championship and bring home a title to this school,” Said Coach Davis.