The World Cup Not Only Entertains but Educates – Side piece

“I am very excited to see who wins the World Cup this year of 2022.” 10th grader Milica Rajak said. “Watching the World Cup is very fun, it’s almost like tradition because when you don’t watch it you feel like you’re missing out on big stuff happening.”

“I think the World Cup is really interesting and it’s really intriguing to see how the teams have been playing. I also think it’s fun to watch because the most unexpected teams have been winning so far.” 

Milica, who is a very big fan of the World Cup, especially this year, has been watching every single game and analyzing every detail that has been happening so far. “When Richarlison scored the second goal for Brazil, my stomach dropped a bit because the goal was too good and it happened out of almost nowhere.” She also said, “It is moments like that that makes me love watching the games because it always keeps me entertained.”

“But I also love how much I learned from the World Cup this year. I forgot that most of the countries that played, even existed.” She also said, expressing how she learned more about the countries all around the world just from watching the World Cup.

Milica Rajak has been watching every game, from the very first, leading to the last World Cup game of 2022. “I think everyone is so dedicated to win because it’s the World Cup, everyone is fighting to win and it’s also like bragging rights if you win.” “I think everyone is more determined to win this year than the other years before because since most are retiring, they want their last one to be something to remember.”

The World Cup has been a source of entertainment and pride for many individuals all around the world. It has not only been so much fun watching the competitiveness, the team work, the reactions after a scored goal, the music, the people and how much love they show for their country, and just the whole thing in general. Educating while entertaining people all around the world, could be kids, adults, teens, parents, students, teachers, etc. 

¨I am sad but excited to see the World Cup come to an end, because it will also be the end of an era – as most of the loved players are retiring.” Milica also said. ¨But I am excited to see what the World Cup has to offer in 4 years from now, with more new, talented players and new locations.¨