Start warming up your Splat Trigger now for Chill Season 2022 in Splatoon 3


The brand new season for Splatoon 3 is right around the corner called Chill Season 2022! Such a fitting name for December coming up!

This Free Season update comes out almost 3 months into the game’s life cycle, which mostly focuses and attracts the new and returning weapons, stages, and customization that players always look out for.

The trailer starts off showing movie-like shots of the new stage “Brinewater Springs” a zen spa stage that’s hilly and packed with hot springs. You can defend the high ground or risk it all to invade from below.

Instantly right off the bat, a battle is about to begin. We see the running up players about to battle have acquired new weapons we’ve never seen before with some returning. The new weapons showcased off are the “Snipewriter 5H”, “Splattershot Nova” and the “Big Swig Roller”. And the returning weapons are the “Splattershot Pro”, “Dapple Dualies Noveau”, “Luna Blaster”, “Tentatek Splattershot”, and “Mini Splatling”. The returning weapons we see are not new, but some look cosmetically different and some returning with new kits.

Afterwards, we see the new gimmicks of how the new weapons work. The Snipewriter 5H is able to charge 5 shots, and then release them all at once, The Splattershot Nova can fire with no RNG (Random Number Generator) and is able to keep shooting for long periods of time, and The Big Swig Roller has a wide horizontal range, able to turf large areas in a quick second. 

Most of the kits the new weapons have, have a new special that was introduced in this game. But returning weapons like the Tentatek Splattershot has Splat Bomb as it’s sub. We don’t know what special it has as it wasn’t shown in the trailer, but people are speculating it may have InkJet since that was its kit in Splatoon 2.

The Squid Research Development Team is always coming up with new, wacky, outlandish and improved ideas on how weapons work in the game and with how accurately the weapons can look like real life world objects. 

Next! We see the stage that everyone has been waiting for, Flounder Heights! A returning stage from the first Splatoon game, being redeveloped nicely. It’s an apartment complex that runs really high buildings. And the advice at this stage? Learn how to get on rooftops if you want to win.

Then we see the new X Battles are returning from Splatoon 2. Previously called X Rank, X battles is the highest rank in the game, where you compete with the best players in the game that have reached S+0, and then risk X Power to see who the best player is from all over the world. The leaderboards are split into regions from around the world unlike Splatoon 2, where every region was combined. If you reach a really high X Power, you will be able to see yourself on the Nintendo Switch Online App, and see which position/placing you got, with which weapon and the month you competed in. This game mode is decidedly NOT chill.

At the end, we see the Splatoon 3 logo, pleased with what has gotten announced and what we have in store.. Wait.. something seems off… the logo glitches out and changes color. We see a pink screen with the Grizzco Logo and some Salmonids going across the screen. We hear a very symphonic orchestrated version of the song “Deluge Dirge“ that plays in Salmon Run, remixed with the song played in Turf War, “Splattack!” We see the plaza looks very different than usual, with the sky looking an ominous red, posters scattered everywhere, and our Cephalopod friends running into Grizzco Industries. What may this be?

We then see the stage “Wahoo World” where it looks all flooded with green diluted water, and us in the plane where we drop off the stage, how it is like in Salmon Run. Which indicates that.. Big Run is coming to Splatoon 3!

Big Run is an event that takes place in game only on rare occasions, where a stage where you play Turf or Ranked on gets invaded by Salmonids. Normally in Salmon Run, there are certain stages that are available to Salmon Run and those 3 are “Sockeye Station”, “Gone Fission Hydroplant”, and “Spawning Grounds”. But this time, we can play on Wahoo World. Little information of this mode has been given out to us, but with this trailer we know a bit more about what’s to come.

It showcases that all the tasks we participate in on Salmon Run stages, we can do here in Wahoo world as well. We even see “Cohozuna” can appear here too. A boss you fight in Salmon Run if your “smell” meter is high enough when you participate in matches.

Finally we see the words on screen “BIG RUN IS IMMINENT” for a few seconds. Then fading to a title card telling us the release date of the new season “Splatoon 3 Chill Season: 12/1 – A New Season Unfolds”