Overloaded by the Bagel Nook

Las Vegas, Nevada, a city surrounded by so many different restaurants. Hundreds of different options, some even a little crazier and wilder than others.


Although, towards the end of the month of September, there was an opening for a new bagel shop in town. The Bagel Nook, what might seem like another regular bagel shop, such as Einstein bagels. However this bagel shop isn’t ordinary at all, its an integration of crazy and bagels in one. 


The Bagel Nook was originally based from New Jersey . Open from 6am – 5pm located in the DownTown Summerlin area at 11010 Lavender Hill Dr #140. 


Their wide selection of freshly made bagels and different types of cream cheese, absolutely amaze me. Not only do they sell regular bagels, they also have specialty flavored bagels, such as Oreo, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Coco Puffs, blueberry, chocolate chip, Captain Crunch, Doritos, and Cheetos. If that wasn’t enough for you, they also sell crazy bagels such as french toast bagels and jalapeno cheddar bagels. With these bagels you can pair them with one of the many different crazy cream cheese options, with a huge variety of salty and sweet. 


However their overloads are what truly steal the show from the rest. These crazy options will leave you stunned. One of their craziest options on their menu would be the elvis overload. Containing an ooey gooey french toast bagel, with peanut butter swirl cream cheese on both sides, freshly sliced bananas, and crispy bacon in the middle. While their most requested overload is the Flaming Hot Cheeto overload, containing a freshly made Hot Cheetos bagel with ghost pepper cream cheese and if that wasn’t enough spice they even put Cheeto’s in the middle!


Not only do they have crazy bagels but also drinks. Starting with the variety of coffee flavors such as cookies and cream, snickerdoodle, apple crumb cake, and blueberry crumb muffin. If these coffee flavors aren’t enough, they also have coffee overloads. Consisting of the basic ingredients although they enhance the coffee with different toppings and syrups. One of their top sellers being the cookies and cream coffee overload. This comes with a base of cookies and cream flavor coffee, creamer, and oreos. 


It doesn’t end there, they also have some classic deli sandwiches and grill options. The avocado blast being their most requested order, consisting of eggs, pepper jack cheese, double hash brown, avocado, lettuce, and tomatoes. However they still have classics such as bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich. 


They even have festive treats such as their pumpkin shaped bagels and tye dyed festive color themed bagels. 


The Bagel Nook is the spot to be at if you are looking for a taste of  Jersey. Whether it’s for breakfast, lunch or even dinner. They have all the options to satisfy your tastebuds in ways never felt before.