Gun Violence in America: How Do We Prevent It?


In 2020, 45,222 people died of a gun related death in the United States according to the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention. Whether that may be murder or suicide, it doesn’t matter. Guns are too accessible. 

Guns are not stored correctly. Some people don’t even know how to use a gun correctly anyway. The United States government should be more aware and apply strict regulations for citizens who wish to possess a firearm. 

Certain places in the world, such as the United Kingdom, have strict gun laws that limit the possession of firearms. In the United States however there aren’t strict laws that limit the possession of a firearm. This also means that it is easier for the average person in the US to get access to a firearm than it is in the UK.

The easier it is for people to have access to guns, the easier it becomes for all sorts of people to get access to the gun and actually use it. There are certain people that should never have access to guns, like children. A good example is the recent case when a 12 year old accidentally shoots and kills her 14 year old cousin before killing herself during an instagram livestream because they were playing with a gun. 

Guns should not be stored in an area like the closet because it’s too accessible. Firearms should be hidden from view and locked. The best thing would be to purchase a safe and not tell anyone the password. That way no one will be able to access the firearm.

A majority of violent crimes that are committed in the world are done with the aid of firearms. The possibility of a crime becoming very violent is higher when a gun is involved than when a gun is not involved. Making it more difficult for people to have access to firearms will play a big role in reducing violent crimes. 

According to gun control proponents, countries with restrictive gun control laws do not have as many homicide rates as countries that do not have these laws. The US can reduce these violent crimes by making it more difficult to get access to a license for firearms. This should be because weapons that fire bullets must only be used for certain purposes in certain places.

The United States government does not have laws that are strict enough regarding gun use. It is way too easy for people to gain access to guns here in the U.S. Obtaining a firearm should be a process. You should have to go through the process of getting it registered so you aren’t carrying a gun illegally.