The Priviledge of 18: Not Voting is Not an Option

Election day is less than two hands counted away, and we’re bombarded with malicious ads of politicians that may or may not have done what is told through our televisions. Younger generations push for governmental change, yet when the opportunity is presented, those mail-in ballots are pushed to the side like overdue homework. 

The need for young voters grows stronger as while over 60% of eligible Americans voted in the 2020 Presidential election, it leaves over a third of the qualified population not fighting for their beliefs. 

According to Statista, 18 to 24-year-olds have the lowest turnout rate for voting from previous elections, and Spring Valley High School students are feeding into this stat.

There seems to be no urgency within some just turned adults. A handful of seniors I’ve chatted with about their mail-in ballots seem to switch the subject or ask nonsense questions to sway out of it.

While some believe mid-term and local elections are not as “big of a deal” as the Presidential election, it is quite the opposite. Topics such as gun control, healthcare services and the most mainstreamed and fought for by Millennials and Gen-Z Roe V. Wade are heavily affected by these local elections. One may not feel the affect right away if SCOTUS were to pass a law, but state officials who have jurisdiction over certain causes can definitely make us feel effects right away.

Voting at the age of 18 is a right. It is a duty to vote for the best person you believe could lead our society. The best thing is so do some research on each candidates’ policies, fill in those bubbles, and take it to your nearest collector. Fate is in our hands, and it is worth the while. Not voting is not an option.