Electorial Candidates Claiming They Will Bring Roe v. Wade

Right now Americans are raving about the up and coming election because all of the candidates have advertised that there is a possibility of the overturn of Roe v. Wade being reversed. A number of electoral candidates have mad advertisements about their competitor claiming that they are against bringing back Roe v. Wade into discussion. But to be cautious, there are candidates that will say these things to make themselves look better and to seem like they are better than their competition to get into office. 


Often times, women get an abortion because they are a victim of sexual assult or rape. Or the baby was not going to survive outside of the womb anyway. So to take away the mother right to decide whether or not she would like to keep the fetus is unconstitutional. Also, many times, the mother-to-be is very young girl who either is a victim or she was not careful enough with her partner. If this case is overturned, lie always people will always fin a way to do it themselves. Therefore making the number of deaths go up because no one who is doing the procedure themselves had a clean environment or clean and sterile tools. In turn, the number would deaths would go up due to women dying from infection or bleeding out from doing it wrong. Numerous people and doctors say that if Roe v Wade court case is overturned then women everywhere would die. Women are th reason all of us are here, so if a women decides that she cannot afford or does not want the fetus, she should not have to risk infection and dying just to get rid of the fetus. 


Most of the people in the government are men. Men cannot get pregnant. Why are they the ones who get to decide what women do with their body? Then, the men on social media trying to have a say in what women wear and how they talk, why does if matter if a women does not want children and wants to focus on her career or other things in her life. Or again, maybe she cannot afford the child, also sometimes the person a woman or girl is dating forces them have an abortion and many times the girl suggested that they use contraception to not have a higher chance of getting pregnant. But since most girls do not have a good female role model in their life, they think that all they can do is stay at home cleaning, cooking, taking care of the children and wait for her boyfriend and/or husband to get home. 


Many people do not know that this court case is pretty much the only thing legally that is protecting women and girls. Men are the majority of the court and even the few women that are in the government position, they often get ignored or they have their ideas stolen by the men. Women who have had an abortin are told you could have just put the child in foster care.  Foster care is not a backup plan if the mother does not want the baby. Children in foster care and in foster homes, are many times abused or raped and sexually assualted because the house that the child is staying at the parents  of the child are only keeping the child to continue getting paid to take care of the child to live there. Even when the foster care system finds out that the child was being abused they just move them to another home, where the same thing happen all over again. Please stop telling women what to do with their bodies, how they dress, how they talk and what they should be doing.  


A CBS News reporter, Amy Callahan says she has had the experience of getting the procedure done. When she got it done, she had to travel outside of her hometown of Ireland. She went to England to get it done. Amy says she was very excited to be pregnant with her husbands and hers second child… until her 12 week scan. While Amy was in the room the doctor turned the screen away from her eyes and asked if her husband was there with her. Amy said no and the doctor told her that her baby’s head did not form correctly, the brain formed outside of the skull, so it would not survive outside of the womb. So Amy made her decision to proceed with an abortion. I think its inhuman. To me as a other, it would have been, but also to the baby. It seem slike an incredibly horrific way to pass away. said Amy Callahan. She also said that she feels like she would have had to give birth to her baby and then watch it die in the painful way.   


In conclusion, the Roe v. Wade court case should come back into discussion again because it should not have been overturned in the first place. But many electoral candidate are saying that they might bring it to discussion because they wan to say the right thing to get them into office. Plus, many women want to do other things with their live an not have to worry about a baby. Also, a number of women cannot afford a baby or they are deathly afraid to give birth. A baby changes their entire life and make things more complicated and simple things like eating breakfast become difficult. All women do not want to be mother so if they are a victim or just made a mistake they should not be ridiculed for that. Everyone should just keep their opinion about women’s bodies to themselves, always trying to control what someone does or wear just makes sneak around to do it anyway. It is human nature to do the opposite of what was told to them. So if abortions are illegal, women are just going to do it themselves and risk infection or death. Or just leave the only thing protecting women alone, there are more important things going on in the world right now, the war between Russia and Ukraine. Women’s bodies have nothing to do with that, leave out bodies alone.