First Assembly After Three Years!

First Assembly After Three Years!

They’re finally back! On Friday October 1st, 2022, Spring Valley High School hosted their first assembly after nearly three years because of the COVID-19 pandemic.


“I really enjoyed myself and it was nice seeing everybody have fun,” Freshman Julian Salvador said.

The school spirit was through the roof this year. Assemblies are known to bring schools together. They are also known to give students more motivation to participate in spirit days at school, and just have more school spirit overall.


During the assembly, there were a few games that were played. The first game, tug of war, was played by our varsity football team to hype them up for the homecoming game.


“I think tug of war was a good hype for the game that we played later, even though we didn’t win,” Junior L J Fuatogi said.  


Unfortunately, during the assembly there were some technical difficulties that went on with the microphones. The mics weren’t able to work, but that definitely didn’t stop people from enjoying the assembly.

“Other than not having the mics, I think having everyone engaging in the assembly made up for it,” Senior Daniela Fuentes Quevedo said. 


Another game that was played during the assembly was finishing the lyrics. Each section had their own choice of two songs and had to finish the lyrics. This game was definitely a fan favorite.

“It was a lot of fun. I really enjoyed it and I had an amazing time. Like all the screaming and all the songs were really great,” Freshman Julian Salvador said.