Life Skills Grizzly Brew


Life Skills Grizzly Brew, Spring Valley’s recent coffee cart for teachers, is now open to students every Wednesday morning from 6:30 am to 6:55 am in the cafeteria’s student store. 

Students wishing to purchase coffee choose from a selection of iced coffee, hot mochas, lattes, frappuccinos, and iced tea. The prices range from $1.50 to $3. 

Grizzly Brew is run by the school’s Life Skills program that teaches students essential “life skills” such as vocational, daily living and working environment skills. The cart is run by the program’s students and instructor Sara Sanford. Sanford sees the ability to provide a more hands-on experience of workplace scenarios. The cart earns funding for Community-based instructions (CPIs) programs where students experience daily interactions by visiting stores. Originally available for faculty only, Sanford hopes to increase sales to reach their goal for the CPI program by opening to students.

“[The students] are getting job and work experience,” Sanford said. “They are assigned individual duties and are able to work on other skills such as going out in the community…and interacting with others.” 

The coffee cart has been providing a fun outlet to the Life Skills students as well. 

“I’m enjoying this,” Sanford said. “I love that the students are able to make the coffee and then go visit the teachers; they get to interact. They love it.” 

This Wednesday the 31st, students were able to buy drinks from the coffee cart for the first time. 

“I bought the regular coffee that morning,” Junior Kaden Lucas said. “It was really good; I chose the strong one, and I liked how it was a way to enjoy the morning before second period.” 

Sanford plans on keeping Grizzly Brew open for students every Wednesday for the remainder of the school year.