Spring Valley Turns To Single Point of Entry

Spring Valley Turns To Single Point of Entry

School administration are enforcing single point of entry on campus in an effort to better monitor visitors and increase campus safety. Starting this school year, admin put up posters stating the back isn’t an exit and that all must check in right when you walk into the front of the school.

The reason for these posters being put on the doors is related to the recent school shootings that have happened, according to CCSD. In the Uvalde shooting, where 19 students were killed, the school was questioned for having unlocked doors that allowed access. 

“If we have multiple entrances and exits we don’t know who’s coming in, and then there could be a situation,” Hall Monitor Brandon Muse said.

This new policy has also had an effect on teachers and students that attend Spring Valley High School. 

“I think that it may make some teachers feel a little more safe knowing that the campus is closed and knowing that people cant just walk into any door,” said English teacher Cody Clarke.

Teachers are not the only people who are expected to feel safe because of this precaution. Students are expected to feel safe at Spring Valley, but with this new policy, that might not be the case.

“Since it’s plastered on every door, I think it sends a negative message to the students that the campus isn’t safe,” Clarke acknowledged.

Students are the people that could be greatly effected by this new policy because of how many students die in these school shootings.

“I get that the school is trying to keep us safe, and it is probably working, but it kind of feels like something could happen and we aren’t safe because we have to use these safety measures,” Sophomore Jazmin Briones said.