CCSD New Measures and Regulations

CCSD New Measures and Regulations

Kicking the new year off, CCSD has started to require more regulations to the schools across the district. Some people may agree with these new or more pronounced rules, but others may disagree.

At Spring Valley, we have noticed that staff have stressed more importance on following the rules. This includes no earbuds during the passing period, no phones in class to put emphasis on focusing on education. There  have also been more staff members either in the quad or in the hallways that will tell students that they should not have their electronics out. 

With that being said, there have been revisions in the disciplinary actions that are needed to take place. The main revision is telling students about the consequences of negative behavior. If anyone remembers last year, the schools in the district were very lenient on bad behavior due to the transition  from online school and that COVID year. So this year, the main goal is to show students that they will get in trouble for not following the code of conduct. 

Majority of these rules are not new this year, but have been advanced and revised to fit the needs of teachers and staff from last year’s behavior.

“This year, knowing that  we went through, what we went through as a district, we collectively were like “ẃe got to set the tone…” Spring Valley Principal Tara Powell said. 

It is also important to note that having these small actions taken, prevents larger incidents from happening which creates a safer environment for everyone at Spring Valley.

According to Principal Powell, by setting the tone on the first day of school by using disciplinary action through dress code showed that the school was not going to continue to be lenient this year as they were the year before. 

By doing so, it shows the students that there is professionalism at school that needs to occur but while also having fun with peers. More importantly, these small steps eventually help prevent severe consequences and help students focus on their studies. This may be hard for some to get used to, but the district is not ripping the fun away this year. We still have pep rallies, games, and soon we will have assemblies once again. It is better to re-enforce these messages so the rules are clear for all.