Lake Mead´s Concerning Water Levels

For the first time since the 1930s, Lake Mead’s water level has reached an all time low. Resulting in the discovery of multiple dead bodies washing up. Just in the past 3 months, there have been reported 5 dead bodies washing up on the shores of Lake Mead. 


Some believe these bodies are tied to the Chicago mob. Specifically the first body, it had washed up, since the human remains were found inside a barrel. Later on a gun was found which could have been tied to the murder. 


Other objects such as a sunken boat that dates back to World War 2 have been discovered accompanied with old artifacts. As well as baby strollers and random garbage has been found. 


While many are worried about these bodies washing up, another concern is the drought occurring. Lake Mead has been a major water supplier to many states for years. Although scientists claim that due to persistent climate change, Lake Mead’s water levels are at an all time low.


 Mr. Fautz a Spring Valley science teacher stated his opinion in relation to climate change and its effects, “Definitely a major part of the reason, mostly what’s happening in Colorado.¨ Due to the climate change impacts, The Colorado River and The Rocky Mountains, which are main providers of water, are currently getting affected heavily. Reportedly the snow packs found in The Rocky Mountains have been found at a much lower amount this year. Now as we can no longer maintain our water levels, Nevada is looking at alternatives. Mr. Fautz then claimed, “Nevada has done better than any of the states that uses Colorado water, we have started a long time ago to conserve water, that being said it’s a concern, i don’t think we have to worry immediately but beyond ten years i think it’s a concern.¨ Mr. Fautz continued, ¨ That being said, I think there’s other water sources in upstate Nevada that probably needs an aqueduct.¨ 


Looking for another opinion about climate change Mrs. Bonanno, a Spring Valley science teacher  said, ¨I think the first one is conservation of water. Businesses are gonna start to have to recycle water. Last thing is that people need to accept that climate change is happening and we need to take action to mitigate it.¨ 


As a community, we must start to accept the effects of climate change and its impacts. Changes need to be made, before we can no longer make a difference. Although bodies are washing up, which is a concerning issue. Our main concern should be Lake Mead’s water levels, many might not realize the significance of the water supply given from this lake.