Spring Valley Football Starts the 2022 Year Hot

Spring Valley Football Starts the 2022 Year Hot

On August 19th, 2022, Spring Valley’s Varsity football team took on their first game against Chaparral. Going into the game with positive energy and lots of momentum, the athletes are ready to play as they prepared a whole off season for a new improved season.

“The training and practices helped a lot because they put us in the position to win, they gave us the materials needed to win, and we just had to go out there and execute.” Varsity quarterback player, Ti’Shuan Ereaux-Jackson said.

In the first quarter, both teams came in with good defensive plays; Spring Valley was holding Chaparral to no points going into the second quarter. SVHS football was forcing a lot of fumbles on Chaparral, getting the football right back for Spring Valley on offense. Which led to Spring Valley scoring a touchdown. First quarter ended with Spring Valley beating Chaparral 7-0, going into the second quarter.

The second quarter was close to a repeat of the first quarter for both teams. Spring Valley came out with more defensive plays and held Chaparral with no points in the second quarter either. The SV offense started to come more alive with better passing plays, and running plays. This led to the team scoring two more touchdowns to help build a better lead.SVHS went into halftime leading against Chaparral 21-0 into halftime.

“I feel like I did pretty well, I had some big runs, scored a touchdown, so it helped out in winning the game.” Alec Livingston said.

Once halftime ended, the beginning of the third quarter started and the Grizzlies dominated Chaparral with both their offense and defense. Defense forced more turnovers to get their team back on offense to help score more and build their big lead even more.Going into the last quarter the Grizzlies were beating Chaparral 33-0.

“Our best play was our blue play, where the running back came in, and we scored a touchdown every time.” Ronnie Fuiromondo said.

Players believed that was a great game, the more they worked together the better the plays flowed and allowed them to score more touchdowns against Chaparral. The last quarter started and Chaparral started to get their offense to move a little bit. They began to move the ball against the Grizzlies defense. With this, Chaparral scored a touchdown early in the fourth. After Chaparral scored, the Grizzlies woke up their defense and offense. Their defense made great plays again to get the offense back on the field and the offense started to score more, putting the game out of reach for Chaparral.

“Going faster, and cleaning up on procedures like finishing plays would help.” Coach Pangelinan stated.

The game ended with the Spring Valley High School defeating Chaparral High school with a score of 46 – 7. Spring Valley started off the new season with a win. This team feels like they have a good chance this year of making it far with dreams of winning the state championship for the school.

“I think we have a great chance, early on everyone has a good chance.” Head Varsity Coach Teal, stated. “We’ll see how things go towards the middle and towards the end of the regular season.But if we could stay healthy and continue on the upward trend of scoring and stopping people, I think we’re gonna be alright.”