Lake Mead Water Levels on the Low, Bodies on the Rise


As Lake Mead’s water levels drop, a new body drops every other week as well. The past comes back and haunts Las Vegas as two bodies have already been discovered this month. It is no surprise that Lake Mead holds an abundance of secrets, yet who would’ve thought that human remains were one of them to be discovered. 

Due to climate change increasingly on the rise, Lake Mead’s water levels have dropped more than 170 feet since 1983. Lake Mead supplies water to over 40 million people, ranging from major cities, farms, and native tribes. Presently this big vast body of water is only at 30% of its capacity and Nevada along with six other Southwestern states are in severe drought. 

The first body discovered earlier this month on May 1st was left in a barrel, where a group of boaters would find it after thinking they would have a fun day of boating along the water. The body seems to have dated all the way back to the 1980s, says Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Homicide Lieutenant Ray Spencer. The police were able to make this discovery after finding items along with the body. Police also suspect that the body belongs to a victim of mob violence and this finding has ruled out as a murder. As photos of the barrel surface, onlookers can predict that the barrel would have been deep within the lake if it was not dried up. 

The second victim was found just days apart from the first. On Saturday May 7, human bones were found by a pair of sisters boating along the lake. Lynette Melvin and her sister saw the bones buried in the sand thinking it might have been the remains of a bighorn sheep, until Lynette saw the victim’s jawbone and silver filling. Unlike the first victim, the police have found no evidence of foul play with the body. 

With summer easing in the Las Vegas valley, it is likely that the valley will see more bodies appear in the months to come. Decades of lost bodies will be found and hopefully returned back to their families and can finally rest in peace.