Softball Season Coming to an End

Softball Season Coming to an End

With school coming to an end, there were some great highlights that should be acknowledged especially when it comes to summertime. On the other hand, for people who play spring sports, having to end their season not too long ago was a little heartbreaking but relieving.

This Monday, JV and Varsity softball players celebrated their end of season by having friends, family and coaches join in on a “potluck” style feast to enjoy the hard work that was put into this year. All around, the girls won participation awards and Varsity won letters with their diplomas. It was a great and inviting experience. During the ceremony, it got a little emotional because our three seniors this year are graduating at the end of this month, when they’ve been a huge part of our team for years. Being an underclassmen and watching these girls play amazing on the field and help others get better, it was a great experience.

Now, it was a hard season for both JV and Varsity, however, Varsity did make it to  playoffs and did their best which made them win some awards. JV experienced a lot of losses and as a team we were aggressive towards each other and didn’t trust one another. This caused for a bad start of the season, but after spring break, we came back and worked together like a family. 

It is true that being on the team is like having a second family and great coaches such as Coach Teal, Coach Delio, and Coach Alex, helped a lot when it came to getting better on the field while also being a support system for personal issues. Personally, when I was down either about the sport or was upset, my coaches always asked what was going on. Coach Teal especially  helped me this year because I almost quit the team, but he told me to try it for another week and so I did and ended up having a great time the rest of the season. 

For new people coming into the school, or even those interested in softball, I suggest that you are prepared for what can come when joining the team. There are times where it can be overwhelming with school, work and a sport if you’re doing all those things and mentally it is good to not stress your body over its limits, but softball does help a lot to release emotions and honestly have great laughs. I cannot explain how many times during a game all of us in the dugout would be laughing with each other and bonding. Be open to trying new things and just have fun in high school. It doesn’t last forever and goes by quicker than you know it.