2022 NBA Playoffs

The end of the 2021-2022 NBA regular season is coming to an end, now it is time for the playoffs. Fans are rooting for their favorite teams, hoping that their teams can take home the Trophy. Fans could have lots of up and down moments with their team as one team will be crowned as NBA Champions for the 2021-2022 season.

In the western conference play-in tournament, the ninth seed New Orleans Pelicans took on the 10th seed San Antonio Spurs. The winner would then advance in the final play-in game to make the playoffs. The Pelicans won the close game against the Spurs, sending the Spurs home.

The Next part of the Western play in the bracket was the seventh seed Minnesota Timberwolves vs the eighth seed, Los Angeles Clippers. Winner would then be the 7th seed and face the Memphis Grizzlies. While the loser would have one more chance to make the playoffs. The Clippers lost when they went on to face the Pelicans they lost, making them out of the playoffs.

In the Eastern conference play, the 9th seed Atlanta Hawks took on the 10th seed Charlotte Hornets with clutch shots made by point guard Trey Young. The Hawks defeated the Hornets sending them home and Hawks advanced. Then the 7th seed New York Nets played the 8th seed Cleveland Cavaliers and won against them to make it into the playoffs. While the Cavaliers had to take on the Hawks for the 8th and final seed and lost to the Hawks eliminating the Cavaliers from the playoffs.

The bracket set for the first round can officially start. In the Western Conference, the number 1 seed Phoenix Suns took on the New Orleans Pelicans. As fans expected the series to go, the Suns took the series 4 – 2 and advanced to the conference semifinals. Then the next series was the 4th seed Dallas Maverick vs 6th seed Utah Jazz. With the defense the Jazz had it couldn’t stop the Mavericks offense.hey won the series 4-2 and will play the Suns in the semifinals. The 3rd seed Golden State Warriors defeated the 6th seed Denver Nuggets sending them home advancing to the semifinals. Then in the next series, the 2nd seed Memphis Grizzlies defeated the Timberwolves sending them home and Grizzlies will take on the Warriors in the semifinals.

In the Eastern Conference, the second seed Boston Celtics stunned a lot of fans by sweeping the 7th seed New York Nets in the first round advancing to the semifinals. Even though the Nets were the 7th seed, fans could see them win against the Celtics because they are a powerhouse team. Then the next series is the third seed Milwaukee Bucks vs 6th seed Chicago Bulls and beat them in the series 4-2. The Bucks will take on the Celtics in the semifinals. Then the Philadelphia 76er’s took on the Toronto Raptors and with star center for the 76er’s Joel Embid getting injured within the final minutes of the 6th game. The 76er’s won the series 4-2. Then the final series in the first round is the Miami Heat vs the Atlanta Hawks. With the Heat’s defensive stops on Atlanta’s Point guard Trey Young the Heat won the series 4-1 and will take on the 76er’s in the semi finals.

In the Second round/Semifinals the Phoenix Suns currently tied in the series 3-3 with the Dallas Mavericks. Fans expect the Suns to make the Finals. Fans also hope the Point guard Chris Paul can win the finals and get his first ring of his career. Since last year’s playoffs, the Suns came up just short of the trophy by losing to the Bucks 4-2. The Warriors are looking to win the series since they’re up 3-2 on the Grizzlies at the moment. Warriors looking to go back to the finals since their last finals appearance they lost to the Raptors in 2019 4-2.

In the Eastern Conference the Miami Heat won the series 4-2 against the 76er’s. With Joel Embid missing the first 2 games due to injury the 76er’s couldn’t climb out of the hole they dug themselves in and it ended up costing them the series. The Bucks lead the Celtics in the series at 3-2. Fans expect the series to go all seven along with the Miami Heat and Philadelphia 76er’s series.

Fans expect a good playoffs from here on. The teams in this playoffs are all fan favorites around the league. Fans have to wait and see how they will make it to the finals. And who will take the trophy.