Grow with 5SOS’s “Take My Hand” Tour


The “Youngblood”, Australian pop-punk band, 5 Seconds of Summer, or commonly shortened as 5SOS, is head over heels to perform for eager fans after 2 years of non-interaction.  Traveling to Europe and North America, the quartet is to perform 64 dates this 2022 year. 

In the midst of the excitement for the upcoming tour, fans were accompanied by the surprise of a new single, “Complete Mess”, which is described by the band members as the “one that sets the tone for the new album”. The track is a mix of synths and trades off of vocals between the members. 

As for the yet to be released fifth 5SOS album, the group described it as authentically them. One of the guitarists of the band, Michael Clifford, solely produced this album with no outside help from other producers. As for the lyrics and music for the song, it is all produced by each of the band members, and no collabs from outside parties or songwriters. 

“For this record, we realized that if you want something to be done that truly represents how you feel, you’ve got to do it yourselves,” drummer of the band, Ashton Irwin said. “We wanted that expansive sound that we naturally gravitate towards when we play together…[it is] exactly the kind of music we want to be making right now.” 

The full year tour, named “Take My Hand” will consist of shows in Europe and North America, with filler performances in such talk-show interviews, including a spot in the lineup for the forthcoming “iHeartRadio 2022 Festival”. Fans are in for a treat throughout the nation and special hometown areas for the members in Australia. It will be a throwback to the past, as famously previous records and tracks of the band will be performed. 

“Take My Hand” is the overall feel for the band, and their journey of evolving into adulthood. As the band started in 2011, members managed to grow strong with each other in company, and performed over 746 concerts. It is also a song released in the midst of the waiting game for the 5th album, which covers this exact message. The band members talk to themselves about holding onto this maturity reached at the current age, and live their lives accordingly. In the first verse of the song, the members seem to reminisce about the youthful days and the sense of lostness. At their now adulthood, the quartet sees their maturity and even sound evolve with fans along their side. 

In a recent Instagram post on the 5SOS band account, a picture of the lighting for their first show approaching in Dublin, Ireland, a caption stated “we will be giving our all every night, we can’t wait to see you, WE WILL TRANSPORT YOU.”