BTS: Spring Concert Excitement!


On Thursday and Friday, the dance company and theater production created an exciting show for parents, staff and students. The show had all the dance students involved with the spectacular performance. Being one of the students to be involved, it was a fun experience. 

In the beginning of second semester, Mrs. Flanigan started to teach her students what performances they would be doing at the show. After weeks of hard work and practice, all classes including dance one, two and company, set the stage to show off their skills. 

Dress rehearsal was planned to be on Wednesday. The stress was definitely there. The original plan was to have everyone meet in the orchestra room and get ready in there as we would do on Thursday and Friday, however, this did not occur due to an unexpected teachers meeting and so we all had to get ready in the cafetiera. There were also a few complications that occurred behind the curtain. 

As class dances were moving forward to get into the wings of the stage (wings are the sides of the stage where you can’t see the performers) some classes would overcrowd and wouldn’t follow directions because of the confusion. For those who would try to get to the left wing, it was a struggle because people would stop in front of the section and not follow what people were telling them to do. All mistakes that were made during dress rehearsal were fixed and after about two hours of practice, everything was running smoothly.

Pushing to the first day of the concert, it was an exciting experience. Everyone was a little nervous, but Mrs. Flanigan had reassured us that everything was going to be okay and if mistakes are made, we have the next day. Luckily, nothing bad happened and we all had a great time. We all hyped each other up and there was so much love and kindness from everyone. If someone didn’t have a certain makeup brush, or enough hair ties, everyone would try to help each other. 

The second day was truly emotional for the dancers and teacher. It was senior night and so at the end of our performances and bows, Mrs. Flanigan shouted out all of the seniors and we all got really emotional. Saying goodbye to those who were here before us and were such great peers and friends, it was a realization that hit everyone. Through all the tears at the end, we all hugged each other and were so excited to go home. 

The show, in whole, went off amazing and ended in the most heart-felt way. The complications during rehearsal was nothing compared to the fun and excitement that the dance team had experienced.