MLB Unlocked


By : Troy Raridon and Gianna Long 

The Major League Baseball lockout officially started on Thursday December 2nd, 2021 and these would cancel free agency until a CBA was agreed on. Fans were hoping that the 2 sides could come to their senses and find an agreement. Before the decision could be made this would potentially cost players and fans the season.

Then on March 2nd, 2022 MLB and the MLBPA made their final offer right before commissioner, Rob Manfred, could cancel MLB games, and the MLBPA didn’t agree on their offer. Then later that day Manfred had a press conference and announced that the first 2 series of the season would be canceled. 

The Following week on March 9th, 2022 Manfred announced that he will be canceling another week of the MLB season. Fans were extremely upset about this decision. Many fans had thought that all hope was lost, possibly not having a season to watch. The lockout was something fans would have never expected, enraging many. Creating uncertainty with how the season could go or if there will even be one.

On March 12th, 2022 the Major League Baseball lockout ended with the Players Association and MLB owners coming together to agree on a new Collective Bargaining Agreement. The Lockout had delayed the season until April 7th, making this the start of the season. With this they made baseball more about the players and not about the owners, which is unfair to both parties. 

In the CBA agreement that MLB announced was to increase the minimum salary for all players. A new pre-arbitration bonus for young talent. The controversial Universal Designated Hitter for both AL and NL, and a raise in competitive balance tax. They also agreed on a new rule which is basically called the Ohtani rule which allows a pitcher after they are done pitching to come out of the game and become a designated hitter for the remainder of the game. This rule is for players similar to Shohei Othani who pitch and hit. 

With the start of this new season comes new rules, making for changes throughout the league. With the Lockout ending, owners and the league had been able to create new rules for this new season. Regarding how many times a player can be switched between the majors and minors, and for the 2023 season pitch clocks will begin to be implemented. While some of these rules are questionable, and seem useless it will be interesting to see them in action during the season.

Fans are excited for the 2022 Major League baseball season. This upcoming season will have a lot of new rules that will help grow the MLB fan base making for a new, fun season.