Women’s History Month


The month March commemorates Women’s History Month, when women’s contributions are celebrated throughout history and modern society. We remember the sacrifices women made to help the world and for our country. The theme this year is #BreaktheBias. 

Women have made several contributions to history, but their participation is overlooked. Through the historian’s view, who were mostly men, retelling historical events were heavily focused on the contributions men participated in that shaped the tales we are told today. Though in the 20th century, women’s contributions were being taught to ensure equality to the history that students were learning. 

Women were, and still to this day, are looked down upon because of how traditional society has deemed them to be perceived as. Women were supposed to be submissive, gentle, dependent, and easily influenced. Gender roles have always been implemented through society, but enlightment ideas such as feminism spread which led to women breaking those barriers. 

International Women’s Day has become a global celebration that also celebrates the achievements of women all over the world every March 8. It first was celebrated on March 8, 1911. Countries have their own ways of showing appreciation towards women, but the majority of them present women with gifts and flowers. The United Nations has sponsored International Women’s Day since 1975. 

There’s many ways to celebrate Women’s History Month in a manner that showcases women’s achievements. Reading books by female authors, supporting a women’s nonprofit organization, writing a thank you note to any women in your life that have inspired you and more. Educating yourself on the importance of women throughout history and even supporting them when it’s not Women History Month. 

However, only 27 countries celebrate International Women’s Day. The first countries to ever celebrate International Women’s Day were Austria, Denmark, Germany and Switzerland. As European countries adapted to the holiday, there were manifestations In Russia during the Bolshevik Revolution where famine and strife was at its peak. 

The list of women’s contributions to history and to the world can go on forever. Honoring women in history pushes the untold stories that have been suppressed. Women’s History Month isn’t the only month to care or support women. Everyday women contribute to change the world for future generations.